Book Review – The Language of Flowers x Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Dear Vanessa Diffenbaugh,

It is almost 2am in Cape Town and I have just finished your book. My eyes are gritty and I am emotionally exhausted. Thank you, THANK YOU for this exquisitely crafted novel. This is more than just a story. It is a masterpiece of human emotion; a tumultuous, exhilarating, resplendent tale that has left me breathless with its’ impact on my soul.

Although I could not identify with Victoria’s situation in any way, the emotions you describe so succinctly and with such honesty is definitely something I am sure everyone can identify with at some point in their lives. Thank you for telling a story that is not lace with shocking accounts of abuse and neglect, but for telling a tale of sorrow and despair and wanting to be loved and wanting to be worthy of that love and finally of finding a way to achieve all of this.

Thank you for this book, this beautiful gift you have given to the world. May you receive blessings and prosperity in abundance.

Thank you for teaching us the language of flowers.

Sincerely, Muneera


One Reply to “Book Review – The Language of Flowers x Vanessa Diffenbaugh”

  1. M, you worded this so perfectly. I am so impressed that you were able to express yourself so beautifully after such an emotional read. Such a wonderful book. I completely agree with éverything you have said.

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