Old reviews in a new blog (2)

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
ISBN: 9780803734951

If ever you wanted a book to make you feel the way John Mayer’s music makes you feel, this is it.

Bailey is a 16-year-old whose sister has just passed away, and all she can think about is kissing every single boy at her sisters’ funeral. Her eccentric family and a beautiful new boy, Joe Fontaine (BAT BAT BAT) and her Goth/cheerleader best friend help her through this trying time.

This book will make you cry so hard, you’ll be embarrassed about it. I know I was. And I read it twice. It will also invoke in you a sense of wonder, and surprise. It’s more than your average teenage boy-meets-girl drama, although there’s some of that in there too. If you are over the age of 21 (although I place no age restriction on this one) and are prone to romanticism, you will LOOOOOVE this novel. It explores a myriad of human emotions, and explores the different ways people deal with grief. It is beautifully written; the words carry you through Bailey’s journey with loss and grief with such grace that for a while you forget that it starts with death.

P. S. I will also frequently mention my sister from another mother, Tracy-Lee De Villiers in my blogs. ‘Cause, I heart her.


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