Detox days 1 & 2

I have decided to start myself on a detox. It will last five days and basically I am to stay away from all starch except brown rice. I may not mix proteins and carbs, i.e. I can’t have my brown rice with anything besides veggies. Day 1 went well, but I have to make a plan for breakfast, I can’t eat eggs every single day for breakfast. The detox is based on the length of time it takes for different foods to digest. I don’t have all the scientific details right now *hangs head in scientist shame*. Also, I’m not allowed any sweets, not even fruit or any dairy except unflavoured natural yogurt. As a rebel I have to cheat something so I’ll be adding honey to my yogurt. Yeah, I’m just livin’ la vida loca.

The best part about this detox is that I get to think of creative ways to plan and cook my meals *excited*. For example, last night for supper I had a thai veg stir fry with some steamed fish. It was beautifully fragrant and clean.

My life has been so hectic lately I just felt that I needed to do something to take care of me.


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