Summary of my detox

Basically you can eat all vegetables and proteins.

No starch (except brown rice)
No sugar
No sweets
Nothing with caffeine (tea, coffee, coke, green tea)
No refined sugars
No dairy except bulgarian/natural yoghurt (unsweetened)
No processed foods
No fruit (except tomato and olives)
Nothing wheat based
Then the rules are: do not mix carbs and proteins so your meals should be either starch+veg OR protein+veg
Best combination for meals is: breakfast = protein
                                             lunch = carbs
                                             supper = protein
The only veg you may NOT have are: mushroom, avo, potato, corn, sweet potato
You can have rooibos tea (no sugar, no milk)
I cheat and have honey in my yogurt, because I’m a rebel like that.
Eggs are allowed.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: No snacking!!!!
Do the detox for 5-7 days.

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