Fiona is that you?

The Jiggly Bits

It’s official.

My vagina is an underachiever. I mean I kinda knew that already – with the cobwebs and all. But now, I have test results to prove it to my um… cats – who give less of a shit than I do. But still…

In true geek fashion, I just love getting an A on tests – even an HPV (Human papillomavirus) test. And by that, I mean I don’t have HPV.

I told my new gynecologist that I would pass with flying colors – but she was so sweet when she asked if she could test me [I fell in love with her and offered to carry her next baby…] – I said yes.

Note to self: If someone is nice to you, the odds of compliance go up by at least 50% [and that’s without coffee and offers to clean your house.]

So why don’t you get…

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