Hey guys, I am sorry I have not blogged in a while. I have writer’s block 😦  I haven’t even touched my thesis in a while.

Someone told me you get through the block by writing through it.

2012 was an exciting year for me, although at the beginning, I didn’t know it would be. My aims for 2012 were to finish my thesis and MAYBE find a job that had something to do with my chosen profession, which is Science. I was quite comfortable working at the bookstore while writing my thesis.

In my perpetual pursuit of passion (alliteration stays winning) and love, I joined an online dating site. Yes, I went there. Oh what an experience it was :’D.

The site required a subscription in order to access the chat facility and some other things I forget. It’s a little like Facebook, except creepy because you ONLY see men. Well, I suppose I could have seen women if I had changed my sexual preference. But I digress. I did not have the patience to stay on there long enough to find my soul mate. My ex-boyfriend found a girl on the same site who he now want to marry. I ended up chatting with one of them who I am still skeptical about whether or not that really was his profile picture as I eventually found the same picture on a model agency’s website which got me thinking why would attractive people join an Internet dating site? But more of that later.

This was my most common response to the people who requested to chat to me:


People were using MXit language on their profiles. I could not guys. I could not handle that. I know you have to give people a chance but Whn dey tlk lik dis I just lose interest immediately.

My experience with online dating, though brief, taught me that I lack patience and that I am a snob.

Aside from my brief foray into the online dating world, I started a new job (which was offered to me, I did not go looking for it. So blessed), which offered me a certain degree of financial freedom and I told a guy I like him.

And I became an avid twitter user. I LOVE TWITTER SO MUCH. I am addicted, I think it’s safe to say this. I have also made some really good friends through twitter. I have met some amazingly talented people, people who have helped me make some (small) dreams come true and hilarious people whose tweets just make me smile. I may have found my soul mate in a gay man, and found so many people who share my love for books. i have also developed a deep and abiding love for online shopping, which my bank accoutn isnt too happy about *eek*.

My friendship with my closest friends has been strengthened, I love my girls so much. 2012 has shown me who my real friends are. The people who have my back, the ones who are there when I need them, no drama, and the people who I can be blatantly honest with.

 2012 and my friends and family gave me possibly the best birthday I have had in a long time.

The only thing I have not achieved  that I really wanted, was to win something! I have entered countless online competitions, TV competitions, cereal box competitions  and NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. I remain without a prize.

I continue my hope for love but in the mean time I am enjoying myself SO much. Life is good, guys. Life is truly great.  Here’s to a 2013 filled with love and prizes and being a wanter and not a wisher 🙂

I am sorry I could not offer you more than this.

Muneera xxx


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