Hellllooooo 🙂


Do you want this?





In exchange for these little helpings of scrumptious sin, you need to tell me on twitter  the things you are most embarrassed about doing/liking/owning. This can be music, movies, books, clothes, WHATEVER. The 5 best/worst will be the winners. Too cool for school? Not on my time line, sorry.


Guys, I have low standards when it comes to movies and music, so really, if you want my cookies, it has to be really bad. I’ll be running this for the weekend and I’ll choose winners on Monday. If I see you frequently, this competition is not for you. South Africa only. I am not made of Nelsons.


Please allow 2 weeks for me to find the time to bake (I have a full-time job) and package and send and deliver the goods.

It’s worth it. I promise.